Harga Laptop Acer Aspire Z1401


Laptop Acer Aspire Z1401 is a popular choice among consumers who are looking for a budget-friendly option. It offers a decent performance that can cater to basic computing needs. However, given the competitive market, it is important to know the price range of this laptop to make an informed decision.

Price Range

The price of Acer Aspire Z1401 varies depending on the region and the seller. In Indonesia, the laptop is available for purchase at various electronic stores and e-commerce websites. The price ranges from IDR 3,500,000 to IDR 4,500,000.

Price Comparison

When compared to other laptops in its price range, Acer Aspire Z1401 is a good value for money. It offers decent specifications, such as Intel Celeron processor, 2GB RAM, and 500GB hard drive. However, if you have a higher budget, you might want to consider other options that offer better performance.


The laptop comes with a 14-inch HD display, which is suitable for basic computing tasks. It also has a built-in webcam and microphone for video conferencing. Acer Aspire Z1401 has a lightweight design, which makes it easy to carry around. Moreover, it has a battery life of up to 3.5 hours, which is useful for on-the-go use.


Acer Aspire Z1401 comes with a standard one-year warranty, which covers manufacturing defects. However, it does not cover accidental damage or wear and tear. It is important to read the terms and conditions of the warranty before making a purchase.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased Acer Aspire Z1401 have generally given positive feedback. They appreciate the laptop’s lightweight design and decent performance. However, some customers have complained about the low battery life and the slow processing speed.


Acer Aspire Z1401 is a good option for those who are looking for a budget-friendly laptop with basic computing needs. The laptop offers decent specifications and features that cater to the needs of most consumers. However, it is important to consider other options if you have a higher budget.


1. Can Acer Aspire Z1401 run Windows 10?

Yes, Acer Aspire Z1401 can run Windows 10. However, it might not be able to handle heavy applications or multitasking efficiently.

2. Does Acer Aspire Z1401 have a DVD drive?

No, Acer Aspire Z1401 does not have a DVD drive. However, it has a USB port that can be used to connect an external DVD drive.

3. Is Acer Aspire Z1401 suitable for gaming?

No, Acer Aspire Z1401 is not suitable for gaming. It does not have a dedicated graphics card and the processor is not powerful enough to handle heavy games.

4. Can the RAM be upgraded?

Yes, the RAM of Acer Aspire Z1401 can be upgraded up to 8GB. However, it is important to check the compatibility of the RAM before upgrading.

5. Does Acer Aspire Z1401 have a touchscreen display?

No, Acer Aspire Z1401 does not have a touchscreen display. It has a standard non-touch display.

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